Challenges as a coach

One of the greatest challenges coaches face is integrating their learnings with their lifestyle. 

Such an amount of information to learn through various mediums – coaching styles, questioning, rapport , listening skills, NLP techniques



Challenges for coaches

So many challenges coaches tend to face in creating their coaching business. It’s mainly the internal stretches that allow coaches to hold themselves back from their true potential.
Fear of not being good enough
Staying in the head rather than the heart space
The need to Get over one’s self
Playing it safe – the need for certainty
Self worth / valuing self enough
relationship with money
And self-sabotaging behaviors such as
Just to name a few…
Overcoming the internal challenges is the key to modeling coaches and achieving the results that your clients can model

Coaching Business resources

Welcome! The biggest asset to your coaching business is YOU. When you are perceived as an expert in your coaching business, then you are a combination of your expertise and being your brand. It makes your clients attracted to your coaching business when you can integrate the coaching learnings into your lifestyle and model the excellence that coaching clients aspire to.
Skills of great questioning skills, rapport, listening, NLP techniques are enhanced tenfold when coupled with a coach who is modelling excellence and BEing their brand.
You may be wondering – “How do I integrate all the learnings and studies into my lifestyle?” “How do I get over myself to truly be the coach that my clients will be drawn towards?”
Stay tuned to this blog for information relating to your coaching business, how to be your brand, coaching resources that the experts use and even more!