How Serious are You about Your Coaching Business?

When you have a big enough WHY, you can take care of any HOW ….
Do you really know WHY you are in the coaching business that you are in?
What is your BIG WHY ?
Do you have a vision board? Do you have your goals and outcomes written down and read them aloud to yourself each day?
When you have a compelling reason why you want to achieve your business, then you are more likely to take action to achieve it. 99% of coaches that have not succeeded in their coaching business have either been at effect for their results (blame, excuses etc) or not taken ACTION to make their outcomes a reality.
So when you review where you are at with your coaching business and where you would like to be, ask yourself – “am I at cause / 100% responsible for the results I am getting, and am I taking enough Action?

It is said that sussessful people read their goals list daily, and millionaires read their goals list aloud twice daily. Give yourself a greater chance of success… model the excellence successful people use and just notice the results you create for yourself.
Take action and accountability NOW 😀


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