Staying At Cause

As a coach, you are encouraged to support your clients to live at cause rather than at effect. Living at cause, as we know, is about choosing to be 100% responsible for all the results you are getting in life.. the good and the not so good.
So what does that mean for your coaching business?
When something has not worked for you, it is important to model staying at cause. Being 100% responsible for your results means you are not even allowed to blame yourself, or excuse yourself for the results you are getting!!
NLP presupposition of Cause Vs Effect is a must to apply to yourself as a coach, to your coaching business, and then hold your clients accountable to as well.
Most of the clients that come to us are living at effect.
When you can truly master living at cause, then you can truly model the excellence your clients have come to learn and be. It is because of this modelling that gives you the element of expertise and makes more clients draw toward you. This means your client base will increase as a result of you staying at cause. You will also learn some awesome skills of strength and resilience along the way which are also skills your client desires now and for their lifetime.


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