Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

One of the coaching NLP presuppositions I LOVE is to have a physiology and psychology of excellence. To be a great coach and have an amazing coaching business, it is paramount to model excellence, and by acting “as if” allows our unconscious mind to create that reality for us.
The amazing power of our unconscious mind! it cannot tell the difference between real and acting.. it responds to either behaviour just as readily.
When we use our unconscious mind’s strengths to our advantage, we can truly master modelling and being ‘who we choose to be to do what we must do’ to have an awesome coaching business.
Physiology of excellence- think of the mountain pose in yoga or trainers stance in workshop delivery. Shoulders back and down, arms by side, fingers long and relaxed, feet slightly apart (shoulder width). Looking up above eye level gives us more positive thoughts than looking down toward the ground.
Psychology of excellence – our thoughts. Positive thoughts are paramount to achieving excellence. More on this next time 🙂


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